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2023-2024 School Year

AI Bias

Time Savers in Chrome

More Brisk pt. 2

More Brisk - Web to Slides

AI Detection and Replay

New in Brisk


Brisk Quiz to Google Form

School AI Sidekick

School AI Assistants

Building and AI Classroom

And Example

AI Snapshots

Brisk Teaching AI

Brisk AI pt. 2 - Bonus edition

Brisk to Google Forms

Thoughts on AI - What Student Need

Magic School to Google Forms

Dubbing a Video in Another Language - AI

Resources in AI - 

Our Website and Magic School

Linking to a Highlight in a Website

Tricks for Retrieving and Saving Tabs

Student Data Privacy

Slow Computers/Devices

Translation tools in the classroom pt. 1

Translation tools pt. 2

Translation Tools

 pt. 3

A New School Year